About Us

We offer a range of solutions designed to meet different business needs


Al-Saqr is an independent firm of leading accountants providing premium accounting services in Dubai to a wide range of clientele. Our team of certified accountants perfectly understands what it takes to be the best accounting service provider to take your business to new heights. Contact us to get a free quote now!

Why do clients choose us?

In their quest towards growth, businesses that entrust us to manage their finances have upheld that:

They fixate their focus solely on core business rather than accounting codes.
They aspire to growth, profitability, and expansion
They have minimized expenses in the accounting department

How do we function?

Al Saqr aims at providing cost-effective solutions regarding accounting and bookkeeping to its customers. Here's a helicopter view of how it functions:

  • pending time with entrepreneurs and decision-makers to get a better understanding of the business trajectory
  • Identifying anomalies and irregularities through auditing
  • Developing financial process chart in a bid to manage cash, pos, payments, etc
  • Brief core teams on the new processes and software
  • Observe performance and course and make necessary adaptations in case of any variance
  • Share what's new in the financial arena with all the stakeholders