Internal Audit

Acquiring Internal Audit Services is helpful for any
organization to meet its goals by following a systematic and strategic approach.


Acquiring Internal Audit Services is helpful for any organization to meet its goals by following a systematic and strategic approach. It is a great way of ensuring the growth of the organization by saving it from threats to the overall operations and financial system. The sole aim of conducting an Internal Audit is to evaluate and improve the productivity and performance of the company. At Al-Saqr, we offer the best internal audit services in Dubai conducted by our team of most versatile auditors.

The internal audit empowers a business to improve its efficiency by conducting critical analysis and controlling the risk factors. Our team of experts offers advanced internal audit services to improve the financial system of any company by offering continuous monitoring, analyzing risk management, as well as providing comprehensive services for internal control systems.

Internal Audit Services in Dubai

Dubai is a hotspot of leading businesses in the region with many leading brands and companies flocking to the city to enjoy its tremendous business opportunities. Being a business owner in Dubai, it is mandatory to adhere to the rules and regulations of the land and conduct business in the most transparent way. The transparency in financial affairs not only results in more efficiency but also adds to the credibility of the company. It is therefore important to conduct internal audits in a bid to ensure more transparency in the internal affairs of the company. Al-Saqr offers the best internal audit services in Dubai conducted through expert auditors with years of experience to their credit.

Why Choose Al-Saqr for Internal Audit Services?

Comprehensive Services

Our services cover all important aspects of internal audit including risk management, documentation, review process, management of internal control system, and so on. Being one of the leading internal audit firms in Dubai, we ensure that our valued clients are provided with comprehensive and professional services to meet their internal audit requirements.

Experienced Team

Our team of experts has years of experience on their hands which makes them an ideal candidate for conducting internal audits. With more than 30 years in the services, our expert auditors are fully capable of handling all complex financial and operational matters of the company.

Knowledge-based services

We provide services based on our knowledge and experience. Our team of professional auditors is well-versed in local laws of the land regarding the requirements of Internal audit.

Detection of Frauds

Al-Saqr empowers companies to detect financial frauds within the company in due time. Our expert auditors are proficient in detecting all sorts of anomalies and irregularities in financial documents and records.


We help you achieve more transparency in the financial matters of the company. With a robust accountability and transparency system, businesses are well-position to prosper and achieve their goals.

What does Al-Saqr offer in its Internal Audit Services?

Management of Internal Control System
Risk Factor Assessment
Assistance in achieving company’s goals and objectives
Noting Deviations from KPI and making recommendations accordingly
Generating Performance Reports
Assess issues and situations
Documentation of Internal Records
IT system audit
Mapping and review process
Frequently Asked Questions about Internal Audit Services
No, Internal audit is not limited to financial records only. At Al Saqr, we offer internal audit services both for the financial and non-financial operations of a company.
No. As the name denotes; an internal audit is conducted to assess risks pertaining to internal control as devised by the company. On the other hand, an external audit is required by stakeholders to assess the financial situation of the company.
It is not mandatory for all companies to conduct internal audits in Dubai. It largely depends on the size and internal controls of an organization.
It normally takes 1-2 weeks to finish an internal audit in any organization.