Bookkeeping Services

Keep a record of all financial transactions!


When it comes to the financial operations of a company, maintaining the record of the transactions is of umpteen importance. This is what we call bookkeeping services. Bookkeeping is important to maintain receipts, salary disbursals, payments to clients, and so on. The failure to maintain proper track of important transactions could land the company in serious trouble. At Al-Saqr, we offer professional bookkeeping services in Dubai to organize the financial transactions of our clients.

Bookkeeping services gain extra importance, especially for businesses that deal with international clients. The difference in the currency exchange rate and forex rates while handling international trade can become confusing for a layman or a beginner. The services of an efficient bookkeeping professional save the company from investing the resources in maintaining the financial trails, forex conversions, and international payments. You can either hire an in-house member to carry on the bookkeeping duties or outsource the job to someone experienced and professional like Al-Saqr.

Advantages of Outsourcing
Bookkeeping Services

Matchless Accuracy

Outsourcing the bookkeeping services enables you to enjoy accuracy in the accounting system without any room for error. Since the job is done by highly-qualified professionals, the chances of errors are almost none.

Time-Saving Option

Getting professional help to do the job is more time-saving. With years of experience on hand, the professionals are more familiar with the amount of work and get it done in no time.


Outsourcing the bookkeeping services is a far more economical option than hiring a full-time in-house staff. You can pay for the services whenever you need them instead of paying every month.

Safety from Penalties

Getting an accurate and timely bookkeeping professional saves you from penalties that are imposed by the authorities over non-payment of taxes on time.

Bust Financial Irregularities

The services of a third party give a more neutral and objective view of the accounting matters of the company. A neutral person/company is in a good position to point out frauds or irregularities without any fear.

Bank Reconciliation

TWith an expert bookkeeper, you are more likely to achieve bank-reconciliations more easily which otherwise takes a long time.

Bookkeeping services by Al-Saqr in Dubai

Our bookkeeping services are specifically designed to introduce a system of proper maintenance and bookkeeping of financial transactions of any company.

Conducting business in a highly competitive market like Dubai is not easy. That’s why we aim to provide our clients with top-notch bookkeeping services to ensure the smooth operations of any company. With a combined experience of more than 30 years, our highly-reputed accountants have helped many businesses set foot in the challenging markets of Dubai and led them to progress with our exceptional services.

Our bookkeeping services are specifically designed to introduce a system of proper maintenance and bookkeeping of financial transactions of any company. With our advanced bookkeeping services, we ensure that the companies achieve accuracy and transparency in their transactions in the best possible manner. If you are interested in outsourcing the bookkeeping services, reach out to us at (contact).

What do we offer in our bookkeeping services?

Listing of assets in a concise way
Classification of all transaction receipts
Accurate categorization of all goods and services
Keeping account of inventory
Maintenance of record in compliance with regulations
Logging of purchases
Timely filing of VAT returns
Efficient payroll system
Annual accounts and financial statements
Data entry
Frequently Asked Questions about Bookkeeping services
In simple words, bookkeeping is the process of recording and analyzing the financial transactions of any business or individual. There can be many extra services that can be offered along with bookkeeping to develop a flawless and efficient system. In our bookkeeping services in Dubai, we offer a comprehensive package that covers nearly all aspects of basic as well as advanced points of bookkeeping services.
Yes, there is a notable difference between accounting and bookkeeping operations. Accounting is chiefly responsible for the interpretation and analysis of financial data. While on the other hand, the job responsibilities of bookkeeping services include the recording and maintenance of financial transactions. If used together, they can cast a huge impact on the financial operations of any business.
It is hard to put a definite number on the cost of the bookkeeping services. It depends on the size of the business and the scale of its financial transactions. If you are interested to know about the bookkeeping services tailored for your business, please reach out to us at (contact).
Yes, our bookkeeping services are perfect for a business of any size and capacity. We tailor our bookkeeping services according to the needs and requirements of our valuable clients.