Payroll Services

Regardless of the company size, payroll services in Dubai
are an important part of any organization.


Regardless of the company size, payroll services in Dubai are an important part of any organization. It is an integral aspect of handling the daily operations and ensuring financial stability while keeping the employees satisfied. Payroll services include a provision of lucrative and timely delivery of salaries to the employees that are directly working under the company. At Al-Saqr, we provide the best payroll services that are designed to win the trust of your employees.

The sole purpose of an employee to work in any company is to get compensated reasonably well. It is what keeps them motivated to do the job earnestly and dedicatedly so that in return they are paid handsomely. However, the delays in the monthly payment can cause frustration among the employees and can result in a lack of devotion to the job. Therefore, all companies must ensure the presence of an efficient payroll processto earn the trust and loyalty of their employees.At Al Saqr, we offer comprehensive and reliable payroll processing services to keep your businesses operational most efficiently. Due to our immense experience and understanding of the market, we take pride in claiming that we are the preferred choice of many companies established in UAE for the purpose of payroll outsourcing in Dubai. If you are interested in knowing more about our payroll services, please email us at or book an appointment here to visit us.

Why do you need Payroll Services by Al Saqr?

Database Management

Our payroll services in Dubaiinclude extensive data management services to keep employees' records systematically and accurately. Our team of professionals ensures that the database is managed regularly without delays.

Payroll Process

Our payroll services include disbursal of regular pay, leave pay and final settlement for the employees. The final package is important to be curated as per the satisfaction of employers as well as employees.

WPS for Salary Transfers

We offer efficient services to transfer salary using an advance and reliable Wage Protection System (WPS) to employees' accounts without delays. Instead of waiting for approvals, WPS enables employers to transfer the salary automatically.


Our services also include management of social insurance or security as and if provided by the State.


At Al Saqr, we perfectly understand the importance of confidentiality in salary matters. We ensure the confidentiality of the employers and employees throughout our operations as per the agreement signed by the parties.

Payroll Services in Dubai

In recent years, the authorities in Dubai have introduced a mandatory Wage Protection System (WPS) to regulate pay wages across the industry. It is a legal requirement for the businesses settled in UAE to use the electronic system to transfer the salaries to their employees. Since the launch of this system, all companies operating in the UAE are in dire need of reliable support with the process. This is where we jump in to extend our support to transfer salaries using WPS. We offer most efficient and reliable payroll services in Dubai to help our client build a strong business enterprise under a legal system in UAE.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
We are one ofleading accounting outsourcing companies in Dubai with a strong grasp over all accounting matters. With an experience of more than 30 years, our team offers extensive services including company formation, bookkeeping & accounting, auditing, and VAT consulting.
Payroll services are important for any organization. Once you seek payroll outsourcing services in Dubai with Al Saqr, all sorts of payroll duties including calculation of payroll taxes, monitoring and maintaining attendance records, transfer of salaries through WPS, making adjustments to deposit accounts, ensuring the payroll services are performed under applicable laws of the land and so on.
The costs vary from case-to-case as it largely depends on the size of the organization. At Al Saqr, we cater to the needs of all small and medium-sized enterprises. Please feel free to reach us at (contact) and know more about our pricing.
It is mandatory for companies established in the UAE to make use of WPS for transferring salaries into employees’ accounts. Our comprehensive package for payroll processing in Dubaiinclude the assistance for the transfer of salaries using WPS.