Accounting and Financial Reporting


Accounting and Financial Reporting

Accounting and financial reporting is an important part of accounting which allows the company to keep an eye on all the business operations and note the income and expenses. The extensive reporting system works at both ends i.e. for internal purposes to keep a check on the financial system and for external purposes to present the company’s position to others. It is a creative way of showing the company’s financial strength to investors, government agencies, partners, and clients. An efficient reporting system enables the investors to gauge the financial strength of the company and explore investment opportunities a company offers.

As a part of our comprehensive accounting services, we offer our professional expertise to produce well-documented accounting and financial reporting services in Dubai. Our highly-qualified accountants track, analyze, and abridge financial records to produce an insightful report that depicts the financial situation of the company in detail.

What do we offer?

Al Saqr offers the following services as part of our accounting and financial reporting services

  • Double Entry System
  • Ledger Entry
  • Trial Balance
  • Financial Statements (cash flow, income, balance sheet, etc.,)

Advantages of acquiring accounting and financial reporting services by Al-Saqr Improved Partnerships

With a presentation of accurate financial reports, you can improve your partnership with different stakeholders and clients.

Improved Productivity

A financial report prepared by a professional accountant gives an acute picture of the company’s financial position. It empowers the management to make sound decisions to improve productivity in the company.

Professional Services

Having the help of professionals brings more accuracy and objectivity to the financial reporting system. If the management is interested in getting a true picture of the financial position, they must rely on the word of a qualified professional.


Outsourcing the accounting and reporting services saves the firm from the trouble of spending extra money on new hiring. Rather than hiring a full-time accountant to prepare financial reports, you hire our services whenever you need them.

Frequently Asked Questions about Accounting and Financing Services
The reporting services are established to get an overview of the financial situation of any company. It is the art of summarizing the details of all transactions and financial operations into a single document.
It depends on the organization for which purpose they want to utilize the report. While financial reporting is necessary for internal operations, it is also an important tool to lure investors and clients by showing factual data about the company’s strengths.

Documentation of the following is a basic requirement of financial reporting;

  • Statement of income
  • Statement of financial position
  • Statement of cash flows
  • Statement of change in equity

Further points can also be made part of the reporting system as agreed upon.

Yes, we offer accounting and financial services in Dubai to conduct an internal audit for the company.