CFO Services

The progressing businesses are always in need of hiring an efficient and competent Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

CFO Services

The progressing businesses are always in need of hiring an efficient and competent Chief Financial Officer (CFO) to manage different operations of the company including administration, finance, and risk management. However, it is not possible for all to hire a full-time CFO on staff. To facilitate our clients, we at Al-Saqr offer our CFO services of hiring an interim CFO as per requirements. Our top-notch CFO professionals are highlyskilled to curate a practical financial and operation strategy for your business. From complex financial transactions to basic follow-up of receivables, our virtual CFO in Dubai is perfectly capable of handling all matters related to your business needs.

As part of our CFO services, we offer complete solutions including the designing of an internal control mechanism as well as diligently monitoring the system to secure the company assets for a long time. In order to ensure operational efficiency, our CFO service in Dubai also contains reporting and analytical reviews of financial records in a timely fashion.

At Al-Saqr our CFO services include

Formulation of Business plans
Accelerated Implementation
Preparation of Annual Budgets
Financial Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting
Review of Contracts
Training of Accounting Team
Managing Cashflow
Transaction Support
Developing Exit Strategy
Working Capital Management
Propose corrective measures to the company

Why Choose Al-Saqr for CFO services?

Experienced team

Our team of professionals has years of experience working in the field as CFOs. Due to our immense experience and expertise, we are in a better position to offer extensive CFO services in Dubai that are hard to find anywhere else.

Efficient Planning

Our CFO services include systematic planning to formulate the company’s plan for a long time based on future directions. Our CFO develops strategic business plans to put the company on the path of progress.

Risk Management Services

Our CFO service in Dubai includes extensive support for risk management solutions for the company. We base our strategy on assessing the key risk elements for the company and designing relevant mitigation measures accordingly.

Assistance in Operations

Providing assistance to the executive management to overview the operations of integral departments such as accounting, tax, bookkeeping, and treasury, is the cornerstone of our CFO services.

Secure Funding

Our CFO services play a huge role in making sure that the company has secured the availability of long-term funding through debt and equity. Our highly competent CFOs ensure that the company enjoys funding at competitive rates.

Get Financial Information

Lastly, our CFO service in Dubai also shares accurate financial information based on insight, analysis, and monitoring to the company management to make better decisions

CFO Services in Dubai

CFO services are highly important in not only Dubai but all over the UAE. Since it is an economic hub in the region, there are plenty of business activities on daily basis including market trends, deals, business opportunities, funding offers, and so on. The need for CFO services in such a thriving environment becomes absolutely necessary for business owners to stay on top of their game. With a professional CFO in service, the companies are in a much better position to develop long-term business strategies. To save money and resources, the culture of outsourcing CFO services is gaining momentum in UAE. Having a virtual CFO in Dubai enables the company to avail of the best CFO services without allocating office space or hiring on a permanent basis. That’s where the services of established accounting firms in Dubai such as Al-Saqr come in handy as we provide professional services at reasonable rates.

Frequently Asked Questions about CFO Services
Yes. Outsourcing the finance department to a competent accounting firm is gaining popularity in recent years, especially among SMEs and start-ups. It saves the business from the trouble of hiring more people and getting a bigger office to accommodate everyone.
A professional CFO service offers to oversee the accounting process; support the in-house finance team (if any); assist on VAT; regular analysis, monitoring, and reporting on financial projections; cashflow analysis. A CFO service can also offer additional services as mutually decided by the partners.
An outsourced CFO service is an excellent choice to have an independent overview of the company’s operations. It is important for management to know the exact situation in order to be confident about the company’s financial strength and ability.
CFO services are not only suitable for small businesses but for medium to large enterprises too. Moreover, even Banks can acquire CFO service to bring more transparency and accuracy in their operations.