Account Reconciliation Services

Process that involves the vetting of the financial records
of an organization.

Account Reconciliation

Accounts reconciliation is a process that involves the vetting of the financial records of an organization. The exercise aims to rule out the chance of deficiencies and reconcile the records for a robust future planning of the financial system. The process is based on examining if the sets of records are in line with each other meaning the amount of money transacted through one account matches the money spent in reality. The process requires an extensive verification of records by an expert accountant that has complete knowledge and sense to detect irregularities in time. Luckily, Al-Saqr has exactly what it takes to be the best account reconciliation services in Dubai offered by highly-qualified and trained professionals.

The possibility of fraud and irregularities is common in nearly every organization no matter whether small or big and the responsibility lies with the management to hire such a keen eye that can detect them in time. Al-Saqr experts offer the best services in this regard to discourage and eliminate such practices in the organization. Outsourcing the accounts reconciliation services is paramount to ensure objectivity and transparency in accounting matters.

Account Reconciliation Services by Al-Saqr

Al-Saqr offers the following services as part of its account reconciliation services in Dubai

  • Reconciliation of your bank statements
  • Reconciliation of credit card statements
  • Invoice matching with ledger and journal entries
  • Partial reconciliation services
  • Full reconciliation services
  • Sequencing of checks

Why choose Al-Saqr for Account Reconciliation Services?

Experienced Accountants

At Al-Saqr, our accountants are leading the industry with a combined experience of more than 30 years in dealing with complex financial matters.

Latest Software

To ensure the flawless vetting of financial records, we use advanced software to overrule the chance of discrepancies and bring more accuracy.

Compliance to Regulations

With the help of our highly-qualified accountants, we ensure that our clients’ businesses are operating completely according to the regulations set by authorities.


At Al-Saqr, we perfectly understand confidentiality in sensitive matters such as financial records and therefore, protect the identity and confidentiality of our clients at any cost as requested by our valued clients.

Cost-effective Services

Our services are designed to relieve our customers from spending extra money and resources to arrange a full-time in-house professional accountant for reconciliation purposes. You can seek our services whenever you require them.

Frequently Asked Questions About Account Reconciliation Services
To put it simply, it is a process of comparing two different financial records to look for anomalies. It is a method to ensure that the financial statements match and justify the invoices.
There could be many reasons behind the mismatch such as duplication or loss of invoices, mishandling of the financial record, technical reasons, or a fraud attempt in the worst case scenario.
All businesses that manage accounting, finance, and transaction systems may require account reconciliation services in Dubaisuch as banks, financial organizations, food and beverages, tourism, international organizations, healthcare, and so on.